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Kakaako Aerial Image from HCDAAs a public corporation, the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) is working to bring together private enterprise and government to make redevelopment happen and to establish Kakaako as an economically and socially viable community that can provide a range of public benefits.

The HCDA envisions itself to be the creator and leader to establish Kaka’ako as the most desirable urban place in Hawaii in which people can work, live, visit, learn and play.  Kaka’ako’s residents will be able to live in a safe and attractive environment, one with first class facilities for shopping, entertainment, education, culture, and social activities. Housing opportunities are being increased in Kakaako, along with parks, open spaces and other recreational facilities. Through Kakaako’s redevelopment, the State’s economy is being enhanced with new business and job opportunities.

The Hawaii Community Development Authority’s (HCDA) mission is to ensure that the Kakaako District is invigorated and established as a dynamic urban neighborhood, one which will accommodate a mix of people with a wide spectrum of activities and commerce. In doing so, HCDA serves as an infrastructure developer, landowner, city planner, regulator, and property manager to expeditiously implement Kaka’ako’s master plan.  To foster a well-balanced and successful living and working environment in Kakaako, the HCDA is trying to ensure that its community planning efforts are responsive to the many interests involved. One of the agency’s aims is to create an outstanding physical neighborhood which will be known for its environmental excellence, and its active, pedestrian-oriented public realm.

State-of-the art infrastructure and public facilities are being developed by the HCDA to spur new housing opportunities, community facilities, and increase business opportunities. To date the State has invested over $217 million on improvement district projects in Kakaako. This major investment demonstrates the State’s long-term development commitment to Kakaako.

In carrying out its mission, HCDA is contributing to Hawaii’s economic development, education, and exposure to the culture and the arts; being sensitive to and supporting existing businesses and residents; and in the process, providing the most livable community and raising standards for new communities throughout the State of Hawaii.

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  1. please provide me HCDA’s rules and polices related to towing of motor vehicles from your waterfront park lot

    thank you

  2. To Whom It May Concern,
    I read in the Star Advertiser that there will be a senior living apartments in Kakaako
    built by Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. and I would like to know more about it.
    I’m 67 years old and currently living with my sister temporarily for I had to sell my home on a short sale before it foreclosed. If you need more information on why I lost my home please let me know. I make approximately 25 to 30 thousand a year (it fluctuates for I’m a music instructor and get approximately $700.00 a month
    from social security). I’m interested in the senior apartments hoping that it is affordable. You my contact me at my Email. Thank you very much.

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